Agency and Affiliate Opportunities

Agency Opportunities

Master Agency:

There is an investment required to become a Master Agent. APFUSA will make financing available to those who qualify. You will have a protected territory and earn money from loan closings of Providers you enroll, as well as any loan closings from any Providers others enroll within your territory. As a Master Agent you can sell Independent Agencies within your territory.

Marketing Representatives:

Much like the Master and Independent Agencies listed above, you can represent APFUSA in marketing our product lines and receive a commission per loan closing from Service Providers you enroll. You will not have a protected territory and thus you only earn money from Providers you enroll; however you will not need to pay an upfront fee to purchase the right to have an exclusive territory.


Link your site to APFUSA and earn $5 for every loan that gets approved. How easy is that? This is a great program for Web Developers and Office Managers.

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